Saturday, April 25, 2009

I wonder if he caught a worm

I got up at 6:40 this morning and my son was up and out the door, off to an early bird meeting with his sponsor. Actually, I'm not sure if he ever went to bed. I just know that he managed to do something he set out to do to better himself. And that's saying something.

After he got up yesterday (er, I mean last night), he called and talked to his sponsor, who has also battled depression. When he got off the phone with him, he came in and told me and my wife that he was going to go to a 7:00am early bird meeting this morning, and then out to breakfast. His sponsor told him he'd pick him up at 6:30. When I heard that, I didn't really say anything. Quite frankly, I wasn't sure he'd be able to pull it off. But, to his credit, he did.

I'm not sure how this will affect the rest of the day/night, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. One step forward, at least for this morning.

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