Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy(?) Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, but I'm not feeling much happiness.

Yesterday we had decided that the whole family would go out for a relatively early dinner. Our plan was to head out around 6:00pm. Unfortunately, when that time came around my son was still in bed. Yep. Still in bed at 6:00 in the evening despite our several attempts to get him up. I tell ya, it's gotten ridiculous. But instead of letting that wreck our plans, my wife and I took our other son out to dinner and left the sleeping one behind.

When we got home, he was finally up. And, of course, the first thing he did after getting up was to suck down one of those crappy Monster energy drinks. That's become his morning/evening ritual. Get out of bed, drink a Monster. I was already starting to think that the Monster was having adverse effects on my son's body chemistry and was partly responsible for his depression and sleep problems. Now, after reading a report online last night called "Raising the Red Flag on Some Energy Drinks," I'm pretty much convinced that my kid shouldn't be drinking that crap. How's this for an eye-opening sentence? This is from the section of the report that talks about energy drinks and how they interact with antidepressants:

"It could make the medication inactive or depending upon the person’s health could lead to other serious side effects."

Needless to say, my wife and I are going to sit down and have a talk with our son about what these stupid energy drinks could be doing to him. Maybe if he stops drinking them, his mood and sleep habits will improve. It's certainly worth a try, isn't it?


This morning I was awakened by noise in my son's room at 5:15am. When I got up to investigate, I discovered that the noise was him going to bed. Going to bed at 5:15am. What is wrong with this picture? I can only imagine what time he'll be getting up today. I'm guessing it's probably a pretty safe bet that he won't be at the table for Easter dinner. Oh, well...

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