Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad day today

Not a good day today, despite the fact that I've got the day off from work. Today is a day my son was supposed to have four classes, beginning at 11:00am. I woke him up at 9:45 this morning. Then I woke him up again at 10:00 and told him it was the last call; that I would not be coming back to wake him up. I decided I wasn't going to battle with him this morning. If you're 19 years old, you're old enough to set your alarm and get up for school without the constant assistance of your mom or dad or grandma. My son always says he wants to be treated like an adult. Well, welcome to adulthood.

Needless to say, he didn't get up. It killed me to watch the clock tick to 10:15, then 10:30, then 10:45, then 11:00. Part of me wanted to go back upstairs and wake him up. But I resisted. Maybe this will teach him a lesson. It's time for him to stand up and be a semi-responsible human being.

All of this made for a pretty crappy morning. I even cried a few times. It's just so hard to be on this roller coaster I've been on for five years now. Yesterday, my son got up at 12:30pm and managed to stay up the whole day. We all had Easter dinner together. And things were pretty good. Then today comes and the bottom falls out. Again. Is it asking too much to have a few--or even two--good days in a row?

As I type this post, it's 2:08pm and my kid is still asleep. I'm curious to see what his reaction will be when he finally gets up and realizes that he missed school. As for myself, I'm trying to climb out of the funk I've been in since this morning. I'm watching the Tigers play the White Sox on TV and am making a big pot of Scotch broth with the leftover lamb from yesterday's dinner. Baseball and food: two very comforting things. Here's hoping they do the job for me.

Update: My son got out of bed at 8:42pm. Eleven hours after he was supposed to get up. I'm not even sure what to say beyond that. Except that the Scotch broth was awesome.


  1. I've got you guys in my thoughts everyday. You are an incredible father and I am inspired by the love and devotion you show to your wife and sons. I hope that you are reminded of that everyday.

  2. sigh. sorry man.