Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two weeks later

It's been two weeks since my son moved into his latest sober living house. Fourteen days since my wife and I dug in our heels and did one the most difficult things we've ever had to do as parents. And two weeks later, I'm happy to report that things are going very well.

My son's been going to two meetings a day--including the 7:00am early bird meeting six days a week--and working the program. He's also been doing actual work: painting with some of his housemates for the house owner's painting business. Yes, he's been earning money towards his rent and earning his own spending money. No more National Bank of Mom and Dad.

Last night my son texted my wife and said that he feels the best he's felt since he was in California. That's a powerful statement, because at one point, while he was in Palm Springs, our son was in a really good place in his recovery.

My wife and I are cautiously optimistic and incredibly proud of our son. And we continue to pray that he finds his way. Maybe, just maybe, he is on the right path now.


  1. Wonderful news. Long may it continue.

  2. It is wonderful that your family has had a smooth couple of weeks! Don't get overly optimistic though, just enjoy each day that is a good one. Pray that this is finally it and that there will be no more relapses!! Easter is tomorrow and if you celebrate Jesus' sacrifice and realize all heit has given to allwant of usyou then you can have faith that anything in life is possible!! God Bless you all.

  3. He's always been on the right path, it just has more twists and turns than we can imagine. But he has never stopped being the incredible person he is, God has never stopped loving him, and I know you & your wife feel the same way. So happy he's had a good couple of weeks. The more sober time he builds up, the more he'll want to stay there in that better place.

  4. I agree with Anon; it will get bad again at some point but that's part of the drill. You know that. But you can't let a future backslide on his part lead to a backslide on your part. You now know that it *can* be okay, and you have evidence that tough love was the right choice. And I agree with Julie, too: the more time he spends in a better place (by his own means, that's a very important factor), the more he'll want to be there. So progress is being made, it's just a difficult process. <3