Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've been inked

I guess I forgot to blog about this, so just a quick update for those of you who haven't already heard via Facebook or Twitter.

Nine days ago, I did something I never thought I'd do: I got tattooed.

For the last several years, when my kids have gone through difficult times, or when I just wanted to be reminded of how special they are to me, I've occasionally written their names on the inside of my wrists in black Sharpie. Over the last few weeks, I found myself doing it more often. So I decided to make it permanent with a couple of tattoos.

I got recommendations on where to have it done, then went there on my lunch hour and took care of business. I printed my sons' names on a piece of paper with a black Sharpie, and the tattoo artist made a stencil from it. Then she did her thing. No fancy fonts. No fancy colors. Just my boys' names, one on the inside of each wrist, in my own "handwriting," in black ink.

The tattoos look badass. And I will always be reminded just how special my sons are to me. I'm so glad I decided to do it!


  1. Welcome to the club - I have to warn you, you may start craving another one! Its hard to have just one tat! I've been inked for over 30 years and although it looks like I only have 4 tattoos, I've been inked over ten times (adding to them, etc.)

    My last tattoo was "Keven" written in my handwriting on my ankle.

    I'm so glad you decided to do it too. It will mean a lot to your sons when they see it.

  2. Welcome to the club! It's rather empowering to do something after thinking about it for SO long, isn't it?! Barbara's right- you're likely to start thinking about your next...Way to go! I'm inspired.