Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shame on you, Mountain Dew

I stole the photo below from my son's Facebook page. He shared it along with the comment, "Srsly?"

This is just so wrong on so many levels. Very sad, I think. Mountain Dew is releasing a "Premium Malt Flavored," non-alcoholic version of its soda. (In case you aren't aware, Mountain Dew is very popular among kids.) I think it's safe to say that the can even looks like a beer can. Gee, this won't put young kids on the road to drinking alcoholic beverages at a young age, will it? I'm sorry, but this makes me sick. Shame on you, Mountain Dew.

I went to where they posted this photo on their Facebook page and left a negative comment about this new product. If you agree, I urge you to do the same. Here's the link to that page. I also plan on sending my opinion to PepsiCo, which is the company that owns the Mountain Dew brand. Here's a link to the Contact page at their website. They're going to get an earful from me.


  1. I completely agree! As the mom of an addict I am deeply offended as well! There is enough out there with synthetic drugs and the like. We don't need MORE temptations. Unbelievable. I will also make my feelings known and ask my friends and followers to do the same!
    Great blog!
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    1. Has anyone out there had a bad experience with Maplegrove and/or Henry Ford Wyandotte, Downtown, etc. in regard to a child's psych/addiction treatment? My son is an addict - was hospitalized for almost a month at HF with a serious medical condition - despite my pleas to consider his addiction when prescribing medication, they had him on Valium and oxycodone to control his behavior and morphine for pain. When I suggested they send him directly to Maplegrove upon discharge to wean him off the meds, chief psychiatrist there said it wasn't necessary. A week later, after his meds ran out, I had to put him in Maplegrove.

  2. This is disgusting attempt to make a prospective income. I am a recovering alcoholic who started drinking at the age of 8 because I thought it was available and the cans were tempting. This tactic to encourage underage drinking must be ceased. I am reposting this to my followers with the hopes that mountain due gets significant apposition. Thank you for sharing.