Thursday, August 2, 2012

Next stop: Heroes in Recovery

Just wanted to share some exciting news. I've been asked by an amazing organization called "Heroes in Recovery" to be a guest blogger on their website. Heroes in Recovery "celebrates the heroic efforts of those who seek the addiction and mental health help they need without feeling ashamed or isolated." Evidently, these folks follow my blog and like it. So they asked me to write a blog post for them.

I must say, getting asked to do this was quite humbling. When I started my blog, it was primarily just to have an outlet to share my feelings. I had been keeping a journal for quite some time, but having my thoughts collected in a Word document seemed strange. I decided to start blogging instead, on the off chance that maybe someone else might benefit from reading about my experiences as the parent of an addict. I figured if I could help just one person, it would be worth it. But I never expected something like this to happen.

Thanks so much to the wonderful people at Heroes in Recovery for giving me an opportunity. I am truly grateful. You can look for my guest blog sometime in late August, I believe. Or maybe September. (I guess the first thing I have to do is actually write the piece!) I hope I don't disappoint.

In the meantime, I urge you to pay a visit to Heroes in Recovery and check out their great site. They do truly fabulous things.

FYI, this is their launch video. Check it out, too.

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