Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Day and I will confess to feeling more than a little sad. I feel like there's a big hole in my heart because my son is in California and won't be with us today. Yesterday, while doing some early cooking for today's big meal, I found myself sobbing uncontrollably while cutting and de-seeding acorn squash. Pretty much every time I think of my son lately, I start crying. Go figure.

I hope my son is able to share this day with other people in recovery. The woman who runs his sober living house told us that she has a big Thanksgiving dinner at one of her houses for everyone who is still in town for the holiday. And there is an open house at the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) facility, too. So there will be places for my son to celebrate Thanksgiving. I just hope he takes advantage of the opportunities.

Today I will cook my ass off and watch some football. Then I will sit down and eat (too much) with my wonderful wife, my younger son, and my family. My oldest sister, who lives in New York, came to town for a surprise visit and will be here for dinner. Joining us will be my parents, my other sister, and my brother. It's been a while since my parents and all my siblings have been in the same spot for Thanksgiving. So I will try my best to enjoy this day.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


  1. Oh, I understand the hole in your heart feeling.
    Enjoy the family that is with you . Look for gratitude in the little things.
    My prodigal has not been home for almost a year. His sister drove 5 hours to get him to bring him home. He decided the "stress" of coming home would be too much of a trigger and decided to stay where he is. She drove home alone and sad. Now, mind you, we do not have a huge gathering here. It would have been 6 of us. Now it is 5.
    He is very unlike many of the young adults that I read about that WANT to come home.
    Have a blessed day. I am grateful for you and what you share here. I am grateful for other blogs that help me in my own "recovery."
    I am thankful that my God is bigger than my problems.
    I am thankful for His GRACE in my life.

  2. Thinking about all kinds of brokenness today, thankful for the health I enjoy. Praying for you, Dean, and for lulu, and for all of us struggling with family and addiction and recovery. Life is rich.