Friday, June 3, 2011

"He looks better already."

Our son had to see his addiction specialist again this morning, so my wife drove out to the three-quarter house and took him to his appointment. She also took some more stuff out to him: His bike, which should come in very handy for him; a lockbox, which is required for keeping his prescription meds and valuables in; his cell phone, which he hasn't been in possession of for I can't even remember how long; and some other things. She also took him shopping for some food and other necessities while she was out there.

The report from my wife is that our son appears to be doing very well, and that he seems to be committed to the program. He was up at 8:00am this morning, which is already a giant step in the right direction. And at the doctor's appointment, the doctor said, "He looks better already."

We are cautiously optimistic. Keep those prayers and positive vibes heading our way. And his way.


  1. I have heard Mark of Doorway to Recovery speak many times, and I listen to his radio program on Sunday aft. He has an excellent, but tough, program.
    I'm amazed at the dr's ultimatum. Good for him! My son has been to different subox docs, and none of them have even talked to him about tapering. They just keep writing scipts (because his insurance pays for it?).
    Best of luck to your son, and never give up hope.

  2. So glad to hear he is looking better already! Suboxone can be a miracle for some. Getting off Sub's is no easy task but looks like everything is heading in the right direction. Praying for your son.