Friday, October 2, 2015

"I didn't choose this business, it chose me."

I was presented with an award this past Monday at the Moments of Change conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, and it still kind of feels like a dream.

Winning the Heroes in Recovery Award is something I never could have imagined ten years ago, when my wife and I first started dealing with our son's addiction. Ten years ago I was lost, wondering where in the world I would find enough strength to help my son. Today I am actually helping others, and have the great pleasure of knowing and working with so many amazing people. It's all kind of surreal, but in the best way possible.
My Heroes in Recovery Award

I heard someone say something during a presentation at Moments of Change that really resonated with me:

"I didn't choose this business, it chose me."

Like so many others who go through a loved one's addiction, I was thrown into a situation I was completely unfamiliar with, one that scared the hell out of me every single day and made me question my parenting skills for the longest time. But somehow I managed to navigate through the storm, and now helping others do the same is my passion. I hope to make it my full-time job someday.

I want to thank everyone at Heroes in Recovery and Foundations Recovery Network, not only for the award but for the opportunity to come to West Palm Beach and accept it in person. What you all do is amazing, and I'm honored to be a teeny tiny part of it.

I will cherish my Heroes in Recovery Award forever.

"We only have what we give." --Isabel Allende

Me with my wife and Foundations Recovery Network CEO Rob Waggener


  1. You took lemons and made lemon aid. That is what thriving in life is all about. Congrats on the award. More importantly, thank you for the gift of your example and your commitment of service to those in need. Peace and blessings, my brother!

  2. The award could not have gone to a more deserving man! Congratulations!