Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Scholarship Contest Update (7/1/15)

Happy July, everyone! It may be summer, but it sure doesn't feel like summer in southeast lower Michigan. At least not yet. That's fine with me, though, because I prefer temps in the low 70s to those in the 80s or 90s.

I wanted to make a quick post to let you know that there are only two days left to enter the My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay contest, which is open to any college student whose life has been affected by a sibling's addiction. The deadline is this coming Friday, July 3rd, at 8:00 PM EDT. So if you or someone you know is planning on entering, you'd best stop procrastinating and start writing!

As I sit here typing, we have 10 entries from students in 8 different states, ranging from coast (California) to coast (Massachusetts). I know there are some folks out there who told me they were going to enter, so maybe we'll get some more entries in the next 48 hours.

Once again, here's pertinent information in case you need it...

The original post that announced the contest can be found here:

My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest

And here are the links to the rules and application/entry form for the contest:

My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest: Rules

My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest: Application/Entry Form

If you have any questions about the scholarship, or if you have any problems with the documents, please contact us at:


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