Monday, June 22, 2015

Scholarship Contest Update (6/22/15)

By now, I'm guessing that most everyone who reads my blog is aware of the My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest I announced back in April. In a nutshell, my wife and I, in conjunction with some generous donors, are giving away a $1,200.00 college scholarship to a student who has been affected by their sibling's addiction. My wife and I put up half the money, and donors put up the other half.

The reason we decided to to this is simple: While going through our older son's struggles with addiction, we recognized that our younger son was sometimes given the short end of the stick in our family. It was never intentional; it just tends to happen when parents are hyper-focused on the issues of another child. (My wife and I also believe that writing is therapeutic, which is why we decided on an essay contest.)

So this is our way of letting young people who have experienced a brother or sister's addiction know that they're important, too. Paying for college isn't easy, and while $1,200.00 may not be the equivalent of winning the lottery, it will definitely help the person who gets it.

The last time I posted an update on the scholarship contest was in mid-May. At that time I told you that we had four entries. Since then, we've only received one more entry, for a grand total of five. I was hoping we'd have more entries by now, but I'm not complaining. Back when I came up with the idea, I wasn't sure if anyone would enter.

There are 11 days left to enter the contest--the deadline is 8:00 PM EDT on Friday, July 3rd--so maybe we'll see some more entries come in over the next week or so. But even if we don't, we will still be making a bit of a difference in someone's life.

If you're a college student who is eligible for this contest, by all means give it a shot. Right now you'd have a one in six chance, and those are pretty good odds. Also, if you know someone who might be interested in this contest, please share the info with them.

The original post that announced the contest can be found here:

My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest

And here are the links to the rules and application/entry form for the contest:

My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest: Rules

My Life as 3D Scholarship Essay Contest: Application/Entry Form

If you have any questions about the scholarship, or if you have any problems with the documents, please contact us at:


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