Monday, May 5, 2014

Quick Update on Powdered Alcohol

Here's a quick update on the powdered alcohol/Palcohol product that I blogged about on April 21st.

In the past couple of weeks, I've received mostly positive feedback from people who agree that Palcohol is a dangerous product that should never come to market. I've also received messages from people who think I'm treading on people's rights and that I'm out to "make a name" for myself. (Really?) I even received a personal Facebook message from Palcohol creator Mark Phillips, who very perceptively wrote, "It's clear you have a disdain for this product." Gee, was it that obvious, Mark?

Today I was very pleased to see this post on The Fix's website, which cites a New York Post story about New York Senator Charles Schumer's request that the FDA ban powdered alcohol. "I’m calling on the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, to immediately step in, investigate Palcohol based on its obvious health risks and prohibit this ludicrous product from going to market," Schumer said.


Meanwhile, Palcohol has issued a response on their website. It says:

"Senator Charles Schumer recently asked the FDA to ban Palcohol. It is unfortunate that Sen. Schumer allowed himself to get caught up in the hysteria about powdered alcohol by making uninformed statements regarding Palcohol and asking for its ban. We are sending the press release to him to educate him about Palcohol. Palcohol has many positive uses and shouldn’t be banned. Rather it should be approved, taxed and regulated just like liquid alcohol."

The press release, which I find rather comical, is also included as part of Palcohol's response. It's actually titled "Extolling the Virtues of Powdered Alcohol."

Also, on their Facebook page Palcohol recently posted:

"We'll be releasing a video shortly that will show that Palcohol will not be used irresponsibly or illegally any more than liquid alcohol."

That I've got to see.

I understand that Palcohol will be pulling out all the stops to bring their product to market. It's all about the money, and powdered alcohol could certainly be a gold mine. But I honestly believe that the potential negatives of this product outweigh any positives.

If you agree, please go sign the petition I started and "like" the Facebook page I created.

I said it in my earlier blog post and I'll say it again: Powdered alcohol is a disaster waiting to happen.

This should be good.

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