Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Debut at TheFix.com

I am beyond thrilled to let you know that one of my earlier blog posts--Aren't All Lives Worth Saving?--has been republished on the terrific website TheFix.com. (Here's the direct link to my post: http://www.thefix.com/content/arent-all-lives-worth-saving.)

I've been a reader of The Fix for a long time; the fact that I've now been published on their site is a bit humbling. They are "the world's leading website about addiction and recovery" and feature "a daily mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, and essays on sober living."

The Fix just launched their new blog section today:

"The Fix is happy to announce the launch of our new blog section. We will feature a variety of expert voices and personal stories on everything to do with addiction and recovery of all kinds."

I am so grateful to be among the first bloggers featured.

Please check out my blog post on The Fix's website. I'd really appreciate it if you would leave comments on the blog post over at their site. And definitely share the post, too. Education and awareness are keys to making change happen.

To everyone who reads this blog: Thank you for your continued support. I truly appreciate it. Together we can help break the stigma.


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