Friday, January 31, 2014

My First Podcast Interview

A few days ago I was contacted by a doctor named Herby Bell, a chiropractor and recovery and wellness coach based in Saratoga, California. He had come across my blog via Cathy Taughninbaugh's site, which recently named "My Life As 3D" one of the 55 Top Addiction Recovery Blogs for 2014.

Dr. Bell is a man in long-term addiction recovery and he produces a great series of podcasts called "Sober Conversations." These podcasts are, as described on iTunes, "real talk about America's number 1 health challenge: Addiction." They are "interesting, provocative, and hopeful conversations with addiction and wellness experts and moms, dads, daughters, and sons of this systemic problem in our culture. Sober Conversations is about getting addiction 'out of the closet' and transforming the addiction treatment community into the entire community."

It turns out that Dr. Bell wanted to interview me for one of his podcasts. This was the first time anyone had ever approached me to do something like this, so I was a little surprised, a little scared, and very humbled...all at the same time.

I went on iTunes and listened to a few of the Sober Conversations podcasts and liked what I heard. So I called Dr. Bell, emailed back and forth with him a few times, and we set up a day and time for the interview. That day and time was yesterday afternoon. And today the podcast was posted to Dr. Bell's blog and iTunes.

I invite you to take a little over 40 minutes of your busy life to listen to my conversation with Dr. Bell. You can connect to the podcast two different ways:

1. Via Dr. Bell's blog, using this link:

2. Via iTunes, using this link:

(If using iTunes, look for episode #29.)

I also invite you to visit Dr. Bell's homepage. He's a great man doing great things.

My hearty thanks go out to Herby for reaching out to me and giving me this opportunity. Like it says in the Sober Conversations description on iTunes: "All good and healthy things start with a conversation."

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  1. Dean, You made my day and an honored place in the Sober Conversations catalogue of Heroes. Here's to keeping the conversation going and my very best to you and yours for our best year yet, 2014./Herby