Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yes, I have another son

Although this blog is about my experiences with my oldest son, you may or may not know that I also have a younger son. He's 17 and a junior in high school.

He's such a great kid, but he suffers from ADHD and has some trouble learning. 

To make a long story short, he goes to a special boarding school in northern Michigan that specializes in teaching kids with ADHD. This was his first year there and it's made an incredible difference in his world.

The school is expensive. Very expensive. But it's worth every penny. And even though we get a generous amount of financial aid from the school, it's still a huge struggle for us to pay the tuition. To be frank, our finances have been depleted over the years by the cost of treatment for our older son: Multiple rehabs, hospital stays, therapy, assistance with sober living rent, etc.

After thinking about it long and hard, I started a fundraising page at GoFundMe to try and raise some money to help offset the tuition costs for next year. My family's dream is to see our younger son go back to this life-changing school next year and graduate. Our older son dropped out of high school because of his issues, so we didn't get to see him graduate. (He did, however, get his GED in his first rehab.) So this would really be something special for us.

I will only post this in this blog once. If you happen to have a few extra dollars you can spare, we would greatly appreciate any donation. Maybe skip Starbucks one day and donate $5.00. Or if you donate more, you might get a special something from me and/or my wife (who is a fantastic knitter and crocheter).

You can read the entire "story" at the link below. 

I apologize if anyone is offended by this post. I'm just doing what I can to help a kid who's endured a lot over the last several years. Being the parent of an addict is tough. Being the little brother of an addict might even be tougher.

Peace. And if you happen to be friends with Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, feel free to pass the link along. ;)

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  1. I wish I could help. I am having my own difficulties in covering expenses for my son. Even with insurance, medical bills are ridiculous. I feel for you.