Monday, July 18, 2011

Can you help my son?

I'm still in a funk today. Hopefully it'll lift soon. If not, I'll just keep fighting it off, one day at a time.

While I was eating lunch today, I thought to myself how cool it would be if I could put a classified ad in every newspaper, magazine, and medical journal read by mental health professionals. And on all the websites they visit, too. Maybe if I did that, that one person who could possibly help my son would see it. And maybe things could change a little.

I honestly believe there's someone out there who can help my son; at least with his severe depression and anxiety disorder (which I believe to be the driving forces behind his desire to self-medicate). We just haven't found him or her yet. So, if you happen to be reading this blog...

Can you help my son? For 6+ years my son has suffered from severe depression, anxiety disorder, and addiction. He has no self-esteem. No self-confidence. No desire to do anything. He feels worthless, unwanted, and incredibly lonely. There has been a suicide attempt. Psychiatric hospital and rehab stays. Countless doctors, therapists, and medications. Twelve-step programs. Three-quarter houses. Etc. But nothing has worked. There has to be someone out there who can help him. Are you a brilliant doctor who might have that one medication or treatment that might do the trick? Or a cutting-edge therapist who can reach into my son’s soul and pull out the wonderful, intelligent, loving young man who so desperately wants to see the light of day? I’m convinced there has to be someone out there who can help my kid. Please respond ASAP. We really need you. I feel like time is running out.


  1. By some strange forces, an irrelevant phrase search brought me to an earlier post. I cried when I read it.

    My search phrase was, "hugs are for wusses".

    I'm from Singapore, half way around the world.

    I was researching in attempt to write a self-introduction about hugging that's short and sweet.

    I'm not sure if you've already done this, so, I'd recommend a hug.

    A long silent hug. Hug your son for as long as possible without saying a word. Tear if you need to, don't hold back.

    My belief may be termed naive, but in these current times, a lot of issues/problems are not easily articulated.

    Sometimes it's frustrating to explain what's going on and it's equally frustrating to understand what's being explained and even worse when conclusions are jumped.

    So, do try long silent hugs, if you haven't already done so.

  2. My heart hurts as I read this. I do know of a doctor that has helped a lot of people, including Keven, but of course he's here in California. He is the doctor of choice for the court rehab program Keven is in because he understands dual diagnosis and treats it every day. Here is his website:
    You never know, maybe he would have a phone appointment with your son.

    I wish long silent hugs worked...

  3. I Hope you Find Help for your son! We have been trying to find help for my Brother for the last 7 years, He is now just about 21, and has been using drugs for almost 9 years, right now he is sitting in jail where he has been just just about a year now, we are still hopeful that someone will help him, My parents have given up everything trying to get him help. I dont know about in the USA, but here in canada there seems to be no where to turn.

  4. My grandparents went through something very similar with my bi-polar aunt 40 years ago...quite literally Hell! Through countless suicide attempts they tried everything: 'insane asylums', shock treatments, religious interventions. They eventually found a progressive psychiatrist who was experimenting with Lithium. Today she is a wife, a mother to two fantastic kids and a wonderful person to know. Don't give up...