Monday, February 21, 2011


This morning, my mom sent me a link to a Huffington Post blog post entitled "Families Dealing with Drug Addiction: A Letter That Offers Hope." It was a good read and I thought I'd share.

My two favorite parts of the post:

"The letter also shows that addiction is an equal opportunity inflictor. It is not restricted to low-income families, or to families in which there is a genetic disposition to alcoholism or addiction, or to inner city ghettos. It can occur in any family, even families where the parents did almost everything right (no parent does everything right) and yet somehow, their children become addicted to drugs."


"Parents whose kids are addicted need hope that there is a path out of the madness, that other young people as bad as, if not worse than, their own son or daughter have acheived sobriety. I like giving people hope, but it's also necessary that they realize that while people can recover from drug addiction, it isn't easy and it just doesn't happen by accident. It means doing something about it. It means no longer denying that the abuse is occurring, that it is not simply some 'phase' that a teenager or young adult is going through and will soon grow out of."

Do yourself a favor and go read the whole post:

Link to "Families Dealing with Drug Addiction: A Letter That Offers Hope" on the Huffington Post.

Thanks, mom.

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  1. Thanks, that was great. I tweeted and FB'd it!