Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July explosion

Today is the Fourth of July and I heard enough firecrackers and fireworks going off last night to last the entire weekend. Unfortunately, there was also an explosion of sorts inside our house last night. An emotional explosion.

My son was really struggling last night and it resulted in a mass outpouring of emotions. All of the things that are affecting him negatively seemed to rear their ugly heads at one time and it was tough for him to handle. He told my wife and I how much he wants some basic things, but can't seem to find them: Friends. A girlfriend. A job. A social life with kids his own age.

We tried to explain to him that in order to find those things, he needs to get out and about and look for them instead of staying cooped up in the house all day and night. But venturing out is so hard for him, because he is not a very social person and still suffers from all kinds of anxiety. I'm telling you, to see your child so emotionally distraught over wanting (needing, really) things that most kids his age take for granted is beyond difficult. It's downright painful.

I hope my son wakes up today in a better place emotionally. He deserves it. Just like he deserves all of those basic things he's longing for.

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  1. Here's hugs and prayers for Sam, and for all his inalienable rights.