Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sitting Among Angels

It was almost two-and-a-half years ago that a new journey began for my son as he headed from Michigan to Palm Springs, California, for treatment at Michael's House, a facility run by Foundations Recovery Network.

In my blog post from August 23, 2011, I referred to the people at Foundations Recovery Network as "angels my wife and I didn't know existed."

Today in Nashville, as I started my training to be a lead advocate for Heroes in Recovery, I sat among some of those angels and listened to them talk about their passion: Helping millions of Americans who suffer from substance abuse issues get the treatment they need, while at the same time helping to break the stigma associated with addiction and mental health disorders.

It was a great day. And I'm sure tomorrow will be just as great.

"When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." --Howard Schultz

This incredibly beautiful old Victorian home is the Foundations Recovery Network building where the lead advocate training took place today.

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