Sunday, October 23, 2011

Music therapy

Since going to Palm Springs, my son has been longing to have a guitar with him. He couldn't have one while in treatment, but when he moved into his sober living house, he started asking us if we could send him one of his guitars from home. Or if we could bring one with us when we visited.

To be perfectly honest, shipping a valuable guitar from Michigan to California--or checking one on an airplane flight--involves some risk. So my wife and I sidestepped the issue for a few weeks.

After visiting him, though, I felt like him having a guitar in Palm Springs would be a great thing. So I found an inexpensive Epiphone acoustic guitar on that had pretty good reviews and had it shipped to my son in Palm Springs. It arrived yesterday.

This morning, one of his Palm Springs friends posted a photo of my son playing the guitar, with a caption that said my son was singing and playing while she heals.

Seeing that photo and reading that caption litereally brought tears to my eyes. Music therapy is a good thing.

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  1. Excellent choice to get him the guitar! I believe that music does heal. This made me happy when I read it :)