Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 602

Monday was my 600th consecutive day without a drink. So I guess that makes today day 602. Yay for me, the "example setter." Unfortunately, my son recently relapsed, which is very frustrating. I do everything I can to set an example and help him out, but the "To use drugs or not to use drugs" decision is ultimately his. I have no control over it. I realize that. But it's still so heartbreaking. And I still feel a lot of guilt. He's my son. My first-born. My flesh and blood. A part of me. And I love him so very much. But I can't fix him. He must do that himself.

(I know I haven't posted anything in a long time. Posts will probably continue to be very sporadic. Just a lot going on in my life right now between work, home, coaching Little League, etc. I may even shut the blog down soon. We'll see.)


  1. All I can say as that I'm rooting for you/him.

  2. my thought is, don't shut down. Even if you just post once in a while, it's generally worth reading. Peace to you, prayers for your son. I know it's not the same, but I can't tell you how many times I've quit smoking. I have little hope I won't start again, given the right combination of stressors cropping up. I do have confidence that I will always quit again. That's what I hope for your son, that he will always quit again.

  3. Please don't shut your blog down, I just started reading it and there is a lot here that others can relate to. I think its so helpful to write what we are experiencing - not just for ourselves, but for others.

    I can so relate to what your saying about your son. You are a wise man. Congrats on your own sobriety, that's awesome!

    I am going to go back and read more here. Thanks for sharing.