Friday, September 18, 2009

My son's lyrics just moved me to tears

So I'm sitting at work today. Just a few minutes ago, in fact. And I'm listening to music on my iPod Shuffle. And a song that my son wrote and recorded a couple of years ago comes on in my headphones. I had forgotten all about this song, which is very Elliott Smith-esque. But I listened to it very carefully. Three times. The lyrics brought tears to my eyes. They're just so damn honest. Painful to listen to or read. But so brutally honest. I just wanted to share them.


Plastic sunset on a boulevard
Lights up diamonds
Drops of blood on a playing card
Held in hand
When the needle starts to rust
I won't need to find a vein
Was it love or was it lust?
Guess it's all the same

How can this be happening now?
It's too loud
My head is spinning
I'm off the ground
Am I living or dead?
I don't know how I got here
So fast

When the faucet spits out blood
I'll find new ways to
Wash my hands
Everybody's got a reason to
I'm lonely, I'm so lonely
How can I live this way?
Social butterfly with broken wings
Do you feel the pain?

How can this be happening now?
Not now
I'm too young
I haven't got enough clout
To black out
The sun
I got a feeling I'm not
What I could have been.

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  1. I hit "next blog" at the top until I came across yours; I read a little and continued to read based on the way you ended your posts. It is as if I could feel the love you have for your son. I came across these lyrics and was at a loss for words. The individual words as they come together paint a sad, yet beautiful picture that seems strangly familiar. Anyway, I hope your son continues to heal. Good luck to you and your family.