Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good news, good times

I got the results of my stress test and echocardiogram on Thursday. "Everything is fine and normal." Let me tell you: That is a huge relief. With a history of high blood pressure in my family and the incredible amount of stress I've been under for quite awhile, it's a blessing to eventually get this news. And here's why I say "eventually"...

The doctor's office called my house Thursday morning while I was at work. My mom was here with my youngest son, who was home sick, so she took the call. Then she passed the message on to my wife, who came home shortly thereafter. Eight hours later, while my wife is with my oldest son at his therapy appointment, I'm watching TV with my youngest son and he says, "Oh, did anyone tell you that your cardiologist's office called today?" Definitely a communication breakdown. But I'm not complaining about the good news!

Last night my wife and I went to the Rotary Club Whitefish Dinner in her hometown of Albion, Michigan. Her dad is in the Rotary Club and we decided to make the 90-minute drive to show our support and visit a bit. We also met three of my wife's high school friends there and went out afterwards with them. The dinner was nice and it was fun to meet some people from my wife's past and have some quality "adult time." Originally, both of our boys were supposed to go with us. But our youngest was still not feeling well. And when we were ready to leave to head to Albion at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, our oldest--and I know you'll find this very hard to believe--was not out of bed yet. So my wife and I decided to leave both boys home and just have a night out for ourselves. It was definitely an excellent decision.

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