Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am starstruck

My lovely wife and I are supposed to go see Kathleen Edwards, my favorite female singer-songwriter, tonight at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. Unfortunately, the show might not happen because Kathleen is caught in a weather clusterfuck near Lake Michigan on the western side of the state. Lake effect snow. Need I say more? In any case, I woke up this morning to find this post to my Facebook wall:

"i might not be making it to Ferndale. Seriously I am in a snow storm that is somewhat isolated, but i've never been in this kind of weather before. Full white out and constant heavy snow now for at least 8 hours and a total of 18 are expected."

That post was made by none other than Kathleen Edwards herself at 1:34 this morning. I know I probably sound like some crazy, starstruck, teenage fanboy or something. But I am just so touched that Kathleen Edwards took the time to post that to my Facebook wall.

You rock, Kathleen. I hope the weather lets you make it to Ferndale for the show tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Ain't Michigan grand? I hope she can make it to the show all right.

    I bought my first Kathleen Edwards CD last month but haven't had time to give it a proper listen yet.